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Hello and thank you for visiting The City of Mt. Washington’s Web site. I am your Mayor and initially took office on January 1, 2015. I am very proud to be your Mayor and proud also to be serving with a very hardworking, knowledgeable and sincerely dedicated City Council. I strongly believe your City Council, Albert Thompson, Dustin Armstrong, George Maddox, Greg Gentry, Sandra Hockenbury, and Troy Barr and I can make your city a place where you are proud to be living and raising your children.

Your City Government is working hard for you and already have started many improvements that you will begin to notice as you drive around town.

We will soon be starting construction on the street you will need to gain access to our new City Sports Complex, running from Flatlick Road, parallel with Washington Heights subdivision and connecting with Landis Lane. I mention here, the Sports Complex, which will also soon be under construction and hopefully ready for use by the summer of 2017. At least we are working to that end. 

We will soon be starting construction on the New Pavilion adjacent to the City Plaza, using the space donated by the First Baptist Church of Mt. Washington. This will be a central location to hold our Farmers Market right in the center of town. The Lions Club and other Civic Organizations will also utilize this pavilion to hold their usual Fish Fry’s, Spring and Fall Festivals. We will be working on a plan to allow citizens to possibly rent the Pavilion for family functions including weddings, family reunions and other special events. 

We are in the process of remodeling our Annex building where our Council meetings are held every 2nd and 4th Monday of each month. You will be very proud of this improvement also. We intend to remodel the interior and make this building available for rental to those who may have a need for an enclosed structure to hold their event. 

We have completely renovated the children’s playground along with many improvements, but not without the joint effort of our Mt. Washington Lions Club and their very generous donation to that cause. Just one of the many contributions of time, hard work and money by this organization in our community.

We have a new pavilion, grills, a new tennis court, and a State of the Art “Bike and Skate Park” well under construction. The Skate Park is a memorial to Prescott Goodman by his mother, Chrystal O’Bryan, who has worked so very hard to raise the funds through contributions and donations to make this park possible for children in our community to enjoy. 

We have started and we are working on completion of many of these projects. We have a dedicated staff of city employees who will see these projects completed and available, in the very near future, for your enjoyment and to give you a wonderful place to live and to raise your family.


Barry Armstrong, Mayor
City of Mt. Washington


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